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Ikigai- Find God's Purpose for You!

Updated: Mar 20

Find your God Given purpose. Reconnect with your passions while using them to better the world around you and draw you closer to your spiritual self. With free printable.

Ikigai free printable worksheet, to finding your God given purpose. what is god's purpose for me?

Have you ever found yourself pondering the origin of dreams and whether they hold significance in the eyes of God?

It's funny how this topic often takes a backseat in church discussions, and when it does surface, it's not always in the most positive light. But, dreams are something that God holds near and dear to his heart as he's growing our hearts closer to his. So my dear friends, today we're delving into the world of dreams—the kind that reside deep within our hearts, reflecting our very souls.

Now, let's talk about that precious 'soul' of yours. It's the part of you that connects with God, with yourself, and with others. And guess what? It's the part that dreams! Within your soul lie all those beautiful God-given talents, passions, and yearnings.

But here's the juicy bit: Your dreams aren't just about enriching your own life; they're about sharing a piece of your beautiful self with the world. Ever heard of the Japanese concept 'ikigai'? It translates to 'your purpose in life.' It's all about finding that sweet spot where your God-given values, passions, skills, and desires align with a need in the world.

So, here's a little tip for you: If you're not sure what those gifts are, lean into the things you already love to do. Pay attention to what the people close to you consistently praise you for. Whether it's painting, writing, gardening, or being an absolute people magnet—find where your God-given purpose merges with the world's needs.

​Does that all sound a little, well, overwhelming? I've got a little something special for you! 🌼 It's a nifty chart that's all about embracing your Ikigai and how it weaves into every beautiful aspect of your life. But before you dive in, here's the secret sauce: don't forget to sprinkle some prayer over it! We're all about building our lives on that rock-solid foundation of Christ, right? 🙏 So go ahead, grab that chart, and let's embark on this soul-enriching journey together!

So looking at that chart, ask yourself some soul-searching questions. What stirs your passion? What are your innate gifts? What's that one thing that always sets your heart ablaze with inspiration?

Take some time to get quiet before the Lord and ensure that your dreams align with drawing closer to God. Remember, the things we pursue should bring glory to God and deepen our relationship with Him, not pull us away from His loving embrace. This, my friends, is the key to finding success, peace, and happiness in your dreams.

And here's a little nugget of wisdom: If your dreams don't bring peace or if they steer you away from God, it might be time to reevaluate. For example, striving to be the wealthiest or most attractive person in the world might not be in line with God's purpose. True fulfillment comes from partnering with God, finding joy, and connecting with others in a meaningful way.

Typically, your God-given dream will have an element of giving back to others, in ways both big and small. Whether it's being a loving mom, a devoted wife, an artist, or an architect, your dream can inspire, tangibly help, or impact someone else's life in a profound manner. That's the beauty of it!

So, my dear friends, I hope this little chat ignites a spark of inspiration within you. Dream big, align your purpose with God's purpose for you, and let your light shine bright in this beautiful world!

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