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Your Girlfriend's Guide To Healing From Church Hurt + Finding Jesus-rooted Spiritual Wellness 

Feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of church life and yearning for the simplicity of Jesus's message? Look no further, sis! "Gospel Beautiful" offers a refreshing take on faith that's centered on Christ Himself, not religious obligations.

Together, we'll reclaim our identity in Christ, step out of the chaos, heal old wounds, and untangle faith from fear—all while diving deeper into the heart of Jesus's teachings. Get ready to embrace true Gospel-centered living, where His love reigns supreme. This isn't just another book—it's a transformative journey toward a faith that truly satisfies your soul and brings you closer to the Savior. Whether you're a skeptic, a wounded believer, or a seeker of truth, join me in this revolution of understanding faith that fills our hearts with the beauty of Jesus's grace. Let's sip on that good ol' gospel tea and discover the unparalleled beauty of a faith that's truly "Gospel Beautiful"!

Written in conversational form, you'll feel like you're sitting with Maddisen, sharing your heart and "spilling the tea". Complete with interactives, quizzes, and 'Spill The Tea' sections, this book will leave you feeling empowered in Jesus to go live out your faith beautifully and FREE!

SO what are you waiting for? We've made this available for FREE so that every woman can find a beautiFULL life in Christ.

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